BALOCHI: بلوچی ءِکہنیں ردانکءِسراچمشانک

overview of Balochi old Prose


  • Dr. Zahid Hussain Dashti University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan
  • Durdana Government Girls Degree College, Satellite Town, Quetta, Pakistan.


Old Prose, Literature, Balochi, Creation, Generation.


Balochi old Prose is a rich body of oral literature. It is quite old and no one seems to give the evidence that which of the writing is the first and which are the first poetries and who are their writer and creator. Balochi prose s first writing are those fables, riddle and proverbs which are passing through generation to generation. In This research article discussed creation, history and tradition of Balochi old prose likely fable, folk stories, riddles and proverbs. Similarly, Baloch‘s hand writing, Hochman‘s and kamalan Gichki‘s books are reviewed. These two books are first books of Balochi literature and for development of Balochi prose. The Balochi stories were created and told by them and the stories came from one person to others.  Makhtaba Durkhani has played great role for promotion of Balochi Prose, but these books are related religious. Baloch’s old prose history, sources of creation and prose genres have been over through in this research paper.

Author Biographies

Dr. Zahid Hussain Dashti, University of Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan

Lecturer in Balochi

Durdana, Government Girls Degree College, Satellite Town, Quetta, Pakistan.

Assistant Professor




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