Al-Dalili 2023-10-12T11:00:59-04:00 Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Open Journal Systems BALOCHI: براہوئیءُبلوچی چاچانی نیامءَ ہمدروشمی 2023-04-04T17:31:43-04:00 Dr. Zahid Hussain Dashti Durdana <p>A riddle is both a folklore genre and a rhetorical tool, with or double meanings common with people. An important feature of riddle is that it can used as interesting games. One of the main purposes of riddles is to elicit surprising or small response, Brahui and Balochi riddles are unique for its meaning and wisdom. This paper is to discuss and state of research riddle and Brahui and Balochi riddles.</p> 2023-08-06T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0 BALOCHI: بلوچیءَ داستان گشیءِ سرا کسانیں چمشانکے : شھداد مھناز ءُ شے مرید ھانی ءِ پژدرءَ 2023-09-17T09:26:59-04:00 Dr. Abdul Rauf Raz Baloch <p>Stories are a fundamental part of human culture and serve as the main source of communication, entertainment, expression, and the sharing of ideas and observations. They are also a tool for catharsis. The art of storytelling is as old as humanity itself. Tales and legends represent an advanced form of storytelling and exist in every language and society. Balochi literature is rich in legends and folk stories, which reflect the cultural heritage, values, and traditions of Baloch society. The tales under study belong to the era of Mir Chakar Khan Rind, which took place in the late fifteenth century. This period is considered the heroic age of Balochistan. It is renowned as a classical period in Balochi literature, particularly in poetry. The romantic tales of Shay Mureed, Hani and Shahdad, and Mahnaz depict love and the complexities of human relationships. These tales often feature passionate characters, dramatic conflicts, and themes of sacrifice and devotion.</p> 2023-11-05T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0 BRAHUI: گل بنگلزئی نا ناول ’’دریہو‘‘اسہ موضوعاتی جاچ ئس 2023-08-05T14:03:45-04:00 Zahida Ghulam Rasool Dr. Liaquat Ali Sani Dr. Shabir Ahmed Shahwani <p>Stories have been with humans since ancient times. In these stories, the novel has its own identity. The word novel is an Italian word that is an invention of the industrial age. the first novel in Brahui literature under the name of “Drehav” written by Gul Bangulzai in1989. In this article, Brahui’s first novel, the traditions and themes of our society, are described using Qualitative research methodology and describe under the analytical method. In this novel, the traditions and topics in our society have been discussed. It describes the hardships associated with the nomadic life, the customs and the harsh living conditions of the people.</p> 2023-08-23T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0 BRAHUI: عبدالقیوم بیدار نا براہوئی سفرنامہ غاتا پٹ و پولی جاچ 2023-08-10T11:22:55-04:00 Sher Muhammad Sarparah Dr. Abida Baloch <p>Travelogue is a genre in which the traveler describes in writing all the incidents, and observations that occur during the journey. The purpose of this research article is to explore the different aspects of the travelogues written by Abdul Qayyum Bedar. His travelogues reveal the Civilization lifestyle, transactions, culture, social, cultural and historical events of the people of those regions, cities or countries that he has visited as a writer and a tourist. The prominent features of Abdul Qayyum Bedar’s travelogues are that he has beautifully highlighted the different aspects of society. In addition, he has also provided historical and geographical information of various countries and regions in his travelogues in an excellent way.</p> 2023-09-02T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0 BRAHUI: براہوئی افسانہ غاتیٹی شاری زند اٹ نیاڑی تا ویل آتادرشانی ، اسہ جاچ ئس 2023-10-12T11:00:59-04:00 Naz bibi Dr. Abida Baloch <p>Purpose of this research article revolves around the works and An Exploratory Study of urban issues in Brahui Mythology. Fed up with the bad customs of the Brahuis the people migrated to the city to live prosperous urban life. Having bad effects on the lives of men and women in the city for educational livelihood, the expression of Brahui women getting education is also seen in the fictions of fiction writers. They discuss all the problems faced at that time. The best reflection of Brahui society and all its problems are made the subject of fictions. Apart from this, the problems encountered in urban and rural life are discussed in academic and social research essay.</p> 2023-11-05T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0 ENGLISH: Impact of Religiosity on Attitude towards Euthanasia: A Myth or a Fact 2023-05-03T08:34:25-04:00 Dr. Saima Ambreen Wasaf Basit Dr. Sara Mehmood Durrani <p>The study was primarily aimed to explore the impact of level of religiosity one’s have on his/her attitude towards euthanasia. It also compared the attitude of medical personnel (doctors and nurses), terminal patients and their significant others, and general population towards euthanasia. The sample of 300 respondents was divided into four groups including: medical personnel (<em>n</em>= 50 for doctors and <em>n</em>= 50 for Nurses); terminal patients and their significant others (<em>n</em>=50); and the general population (<em>n</em>=150). The study following the cross-sectional correlational research design indicated significant correlation between level of religiosity and the attitude towards euthanasia. Results also indicated that religiosity have significant predictive impact on one’s attitude towards euthanasia but only its religious faith and religious influence subscales significantly predict this. Findings further indicated that general population showed relatively more favorable attitude towards euthanasia than medical personnel and terminal patients and their significant others.</p> 2023-08-06T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0 ENGLISH: William Gibson’s Seminal Novel Neuromancer: An Analysis of Post-Modernist Element of Virtual Reality 2023-04-14T07:12:34-04:00 Abdul Jabbar Jaffar Shah <p>William Gibson’s seminal work Neuromancer (1984) paved the way for the cyberpunk movement. Cyberpunk has almost all the elements we would love to figure out with regard to the Post-modern period of hyper reality and virtual reality. Neuromancer provides the best example of how the modern man is puzzled between the real and virtual. There are characters which force us to suspend our beliefs. This paper aims to ascertain as to how virtual reality has been manipulated in cyberpunk novel Neuromancer and how it corresponds to one of the overriding themes of Post-modernism called Virtual reality. Moreover, it is also indispensable to note that the power of virtual world as delineated in Neuromancer has been detrimental to the warmth of natural life. This virtual reality of the cyberspace has been the source to the postmodern idea of the blurring of reality. This specific feature of the cyberpunk novel Neuromancer brings it in line with one of chief elements of postmodernism such as hyperreality.</p> 2023-08-08T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0 PASHTO: مولانا عبيد الله سندهي او افغانستان 2023-03-05T11:12:04-05:00 Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui <p>Molana Ubaidullah Sindhi was a renowned religious and political leader of the region. He played an important role in religious and political history of the region during British colonial period. When Germany and Australia formed a temporary Government of India in Kabul on 2nd December 1915, Shaikh ul Hind Sent Molana Sindhi to Kabul to represent the Islamic Identity in the noted Government. Molana defended Muslim rights successfully and became the interior minister of that temporary Government. At that time, Kabul was center of different political Activities against the British rule in India numerous Muslim leaders were there in Kabul and Molana Sindhi played a key role in the Independence of Afghanistan and to windup British rule in the Subcontinent.</p> 2023-08-10T00:00:00-04:00 Copyright (c) 2023 CC Attribution 4.0