URDU: براہوی زبان کی تفسیر کشف القرآن کا تعارف وخصوصیات

Introduction and Characteristics of Brahvi Tafseer Kashf-ul-Qura’an


  • Dr. Syed Bacha Agha Govt: Postgraduate College, Saryab road, Quetta


Brahvi Language, Brahvi Tafseer, Kashf-ul-Quraan, Maulana Muhammad Yaqoob Sharodi.


Translation is a Branch of Linguistics which introduces languages ​​to each other and stabilizes the foundations of languages. The correct way of translation has great importance. In such an era, while scholars around the world are confused in the discussion that whether it is permissible to translate the Quraan in any other language or not? If it is different from people's language, then it is very important that such a science should be translated into the language of the common people. The knowledge of science and education is not possible for people until they are translated into their language. In this regard, the first Tafseer / Translation in the "Brahvi" language spoken in "Mainland Baluchistan" came to the spot. Tafseer Kashf-ul-Quraan, Written by Maulana Muhammad Yaqoob Sharodi, is the First Tafseer / Translation of Quraan in "Brahvi" Language. This Tafseer / Translation of 8 volumes was first published in 1999. The purpose of writing was to write a perfect and comprehensive Tafseer in the "Brahvi" language that has not already been written. It indicating that this service (Writing of Brahvi Tafseer) was not performed by anyone before Kashf-ul-Quran. Basically, Maulana Mohammad Yaqoob Sharodi has adopted the method of Tafseer-Bil-Masoor. He has given a little space in his Tafseer to Qiraat and has been interpreted by Arabic Lughat, Sarf and Nahwa etc. However, in this article, will be discussed about Tafseer Kashf-ul-Quraan, written in the "Brahvi" language in Balochistan. Also, will be discussed about the issues and troubles related to Translation in Brahvi Language.

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Dr. Syed Bacha Agha, Govt: Postgraduate College, Saryab road, Quetta

Assistant Professor / HOD, Department of Islamic Studies




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